Game Update

New Update Is Here (2021-09-09)

[New Content]

1. New Babe: The Glamorous Idol - Ha-Yoon.

2. New Decorations:

(1) [Feral Lion Manor] and [MC Tower] Turf Decorations.

(2) [Mega Crocodile] and [Lunar Deity] Crime Ops Effects.

(3) 3v3 All-Star Match S11 Social Decorations Set (Name Tag, Avatar Frame, Chat Bubble).

3. Stickers: [Grizzly Bear] Emoticon.


1. A click-to-select feature was added in the Training Camp and Security Center.

2. Clan Healing Center: The Clan Honor Point needed to heal Wounded Members was reduced.

3. Babe Feature: Optimized entry into the Babe Dress-Up interface while the CD timer is active.

4. Optimized SVIP Store Buy-All Feature: The last purchase’s check box record will be saved.

5. Optimized the logic relating to the go-to bubble seen on top of the Event Center.

6. Optimized some UI.