New Update Is Here (2021-09-02)​

New Update Is Here (2021-09-02)

[New Content]

1. New Vigilante: The Underworld Heiress [Erin].

2. New Decorations:

(1) [Boundless Thunder] Turf Effect.

(2) US Labor Day 2021 Social Decoration Set (Name Tag, Avatar Frame, Chat Bubble).

3. Smuggler Store: An Underground Tournament redeem interface was added.


1. Clan - Message All: Mail that is sent to all Clan Members can now be translated.

2. Pawnbroker - Set Enhancing Interface:

(1) The display of the Attribute comparisons for the enhancing of the Supreme Set Equipment to the corresponding Ultimate Set Equipment was optimized.

(2) There will now be a red dot indicator when Equipment can be enhanced.

3. The Level 42 Leader Set Equipment (Supreme Set) is now non-disposable.

4. The content in the [Crime Ops Redeem Box] and the [Turf Effect Redeem Box] items were updated.

[Fixed Content]

1. Corrected an issue whereby no notice was given to inform Leaders that Clan Breakthrough Formations cannot be modified while you are in a Cross-Server State.@everyone

2. Corrected an issue whereby the Hitman Coin Production Boost Item and the Clan Property Active Skill - Hitman Contracts would not take effect at the same time.