New Update Is Here (2021-04-29)

New Update Is Here (2021-04-29)
[New Contents]
1. Mafia City H5’s 3rd Anniversary Cruise Celebrations will soon begin.
2. New Decorations:
(1) [Prankish Clown] & [3rd Anniversary Racecar] Ops Effects.
(2) [3rd Anniversary Poker] Set Decorations (Name Tag, Avatar Frame, Chat Bubble).
(3) [3rd Anniversary Crown] Turf Effect.
3. Neighborhood Brawl: added Items that can be redeemed with Points.
4. New Leader Appearance: [3rd Anniversary Leader].
5. Fishing Trip: included a new Sea Zone, [Hawaii].
6. New Emoticons: [Ferocious Tiger] & [Moody Jaws] stickers.
7. Map UI and the turf scene now include a 3rd Anniversary theme.

1. Event Center: Events have been categorized separately based on participation conditions and type.
2. Often Used Vigilantes: The display of other Leaders’ often used Vigilantes was optimized. 3. Cop Raid: Optimized interface tips.
4. Daily Rewards: The weekly grade chest’s “Open All” feature was optimized.
5. Decoration Interface: An animation was added for a successful Star-up