New Update Is Here (2021-04-22)

[New Content]
1. Decoration:
(1) [Disco Party] Combine Turf Effect added.
(2) [Mob Penguin] Ops Effect added.
2. Vigilante Redeem Item: [Glori Fragment] added to the redeemable list.
3. Vigilante Arena Skin Token: Bruce IP’s Skin [Kung Fu Master Bruce] was added to the redeemable list.

1. Leader Equipment: Random default attributes were added to alterable equipment.
2. Interactive Item Optimization: When the timer runs out on an interactive item, the turf will be restored to its previous appearance.
3. The game loading interface was updated to include a 3rd anniversary theme.
4. Lottery Wheel Modification: The window UI was optimized and the reward content was adjusted.