Game Update

New Update Is Here (2021-03-25)

[New Content]

1. The Godfather’s Collection has added a [Collection Augment] feature. Each enhancement will increase an Item’s basic attributes by 5%.

2. Decorations:

(1) [Ace Poker] Ops added.

(2) [Chariot of Freedom] Combined Ops added.

(3) [Meteor Phenomenon] Combined Turf Effect added.

(4) 3v3 All-Star Match S7 Set Decorations added (Name Tag, Avatar Frame, Chat Bubble).


1. Optimized the size and positioning of a few building prompt bubbles in the Turf.

2. Clan Interface: Optimized the entrance to the Clan Bounty Order.

3. Decorations: Optimized the Crime Ops selection.

4. Neighborhood Brawl Points Redemption: New Vigilante Fragments were added.

5. Event Center: Optimized the Event Subscription guide.

6. Vigilante Redemption Items: Chakritchai Frags have been added to the redeemable list.

[Fixed Content]

1. Corrected the issue whereby new member applications were not displaying within the Clan Members’ list.