Game Update

[New Content]

1. Vigilantes:

(1) The Final Peacemaker [Glori] Added.

2. Decorations:

(1) [Tsar's Grand Palace] Turf Decoration added.

(2) [Kite Flying] Ops Effect added.

(3) [Gold Dragon] Turf Effect added.


1. Las Vegas Casino Takeover: A Super Raid feature was added.

2. Optimized Clan Collaboration Tasks.

3. Daily Missions: A pop-up bubble has been added to the main interface informing you of daily mission task progress.

4. Babe Notice Optimized: A red dot indicator has been added for Babes that can be unlocked or starred-up.

5. The Monastery has added a Tournament rank adjustment notice bubble.

6. Neighborhood Brawl: A bubble reminder was added for when you can collect rewards.

7. Plantation: The Guard Dog’s animation was adjusted.

8. Added a few Vigilante voiceovers.

[Fixed Content]

1. Corrected the issue relating to the non-responsive Vigilante Arena entrance within the Monastery.

2. Corrected an issue relating to the Plantation’s level display observed after initially logging in.