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    New Update Is Here (2021-08-19)

    [New Content]

    1. The Smuggler has been upgraded to Smuggler Store: located in the Vigilante Arena Points Store

    2. Vigilante System: Vigilantes Violet Night and Bruce now have the tattoo function

    3. Decoration:

    (1) New Combined Ops — Captain Kangaroo Ops Effect

    (2) New Turf Effect — Garden Of Wonder

    4. Daily Rewards: added Family Gold Production Boost Items to the Task Points Box (Family required)

    5. New redeemable content for Ops Redemption Box


    1. Governor of Mafia and Interstate War adjustments: the event time has been changed from 8 hours to 6 hours

    2. Event Reward adjustments: Daily Crime Wave, Personal Event, and Hell Event

    3. Vegas Casino Takeover: optimized the Rankings display

    4. Investment Speedup UI: optimized Obtain Method when there's no Speedup Items

    5. Cop Raid Mail Notice: added level difficulty

    6. Optimized the skip button for the animation in the plot

    7. Optimized the sound effects for certain tips

    [Fixed Content]

    1. Fixed the issue where Vigilantes appear as Reinforcement Crew in the Battle Report when defending Mayor Hall

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