City Migration Event

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    The migration event is a special event that enables players to move to different city from the one they currently in. However, this event is generally available to cities that have existed for coonisderable amount of time. The number of cities it will be available will increase with each opening.

    The entire event is separated into 3 phases:

    Phase 1
    Bribery Phase
    4 Days
    During this phase, city leaders need to bribe the customs of each city to be more inclined towards open for restricted migration. The whole phase lasts 4 days.
    However, only leaders with mansions at level 16 or above can bribe customs to be more inclined towards "Open Migration" or "Restricted Migration" and the bribery results will determine whether their city is opened or closed to migrators from another city. If the result is a draw, the city will be open to migration by default. The mayor's most recently bribed option will have a "Mayor" marker displayed next to it. The bribery results will be refreshed every 5 minutes (it can also be manually refreshed).
    Leaders can bribe customs for FREE once every day. If a player wishes to make more bribes afterwards, gold will be required. (The more you bribe, the more gold it will cost you! Amount will be reset daily)
    Phase 2Exhibition Phase
    3 DaysDuring this phase, the customs final decision based on the bribery results will be anounced and displayed. The whole phase lasts 3 days.
    There will be a list displaying the cities that have been grouped together at the beginning of the event. That list will now indicate whether the listed city is opened or closed for migration based on their bribery results. Please note that leaders can only migrate to a city within the assigned group provided that they are opened for migration.
    Additionally, a new "Clan Recruitment Board" will be included at the clan interface for their R5 and R4 members to publish their clan's general info for players from other cities to see.
    Phase 3Migration Phase
    7 Days
    During this phase, leaders can use Travel Passes to move into another city. The whole phase lasts 7 days.
    As long as a city is taking part in the migration event, players from that particular city ccan migrate to another city. The bribe result from phase 1 will only affect whether players can move into a city or not. However, leaders can only migrate to a city on the list of cities that were grouped togehter. The list will display whether the city is open to migration along with that city's general information (like city name, current mayor, and city flag).
    By tapping the "Move"-Button next to the listed city, you will be able to see the amount of travel passes needed to move into a particular city. Once you are certain you want to move into the city and you have met the various requirements, you will be able to move into that city.
    * NOTES *
    1) Based on mansion levels, the number of migraters per level that city will allow is limited. This will vary from city to city.
    2) The amount of travel passes needed is dependent on how well a player's power ranking matches up the power with rankings of players in the city they wish to move into. The higher your power ranking is compared with the players of the selected city, the more travel passes that you will need.
    3) Players can only migrate once during the event. At the same time, they will not be able to migrate back to the original city after moving.
    4) Migration is only possible during the event.
    5) During migration, a player must not be appointed as the clan's leader or be participating in cross-server-events. If a player is, they won't be able to migrate.
    6) The location of the turf after moving to anonther city is random.
    7) During migration, everything a player owns will move too. However, all the vulnerable resources will be deducted from the overall stash.
    :smiling_face_with_sunglasses: If the mayor or any of the city's officials migrate to another city, they will loose their positions. The empty positions can be filled either by authorized leaders who can appoint others or wait till the next election to fill the positions. The same is ture for governors, premiers and chief legislators along with all of their appointed officials when they move to a city that belongs to a different state, is under a different management region, or is under a different vegas takeover state.
    9) If a city is also holding any events when the migration event is on, the calculation of any points and rankings in the original city will be separeted from that of the new city.
    10) The clan leader needs to kick out all the other clan members before the clan can migrate. 100 Clan-Travel-Passes will be deducted for a clan migration to happen.

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