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    This post is all about Gathering aka Robbing and the Importance of it inside the game as well as some useful information we need to discuss. So as you know there are four (4) types of resources (rss) you are able to get in the game and they are all important to the success of the individual clan member and the clan as a whole. These are our lifelines to be able to grow, to heal, to invest, to do most tasks in the game.

    We have also talked about the different ways to grow your resources and the two biggest ways are the Resource Production inside your turf and the Gathering. Just to explain gathering what you are really doing is robbing the resource (rss) tile of the amount in the tile. There are levels on each tile and that level determines how much resource (rss) is available for you.

    Level 6

    Cargo & Cash will yield you 288,000 on a full tile.

    Arms will yield you 48,000 on a full tile

    Metal will yield you 12,000 on a file tile

    Level 7

    Cargo & Cash will yield you 396,000 on a full tile

    Arms will yield you 66,000 on a full tile

    Metal will yield you 16,500 on a full tile

    Importance of Gathering

    As I mentioned, Gathering or Robbing is one of the most effective ways to increase your resources (rss). Please note that the resources (rss) you collect from gathering is always vulnerable resources (rss) and also the first that is spent when you are using it to upgrade, train, invest, donate, etc.

    One of the most important lessons I can share is to always keep your crews working for you. I try to keep everyone out of the turf as much as possible. They need to earn that upkeep they cost me and the best way to do that is gather. Sending your crews out to gather whenever you are not actively using them will produce you the maximum amount of resources to keep your turf in business and growing. You need the resource tiles to continue to grow unless you want to keep buying your resources (rss) because the resource production is not enough to get you through the game.

    Speeding Up for Gathering

    There are two different types of Buffs you can use while gathering to help decrease the time on the tile. These can be found in your buffs at the mansion if you are on a lower level mansion or in the buffs button in the map when you are at a higher level mansion. The two options are either an eight (8) hour boost or a twenty-four (24) hour boost to your speed. These will work on all resources besides gold but they do come in handy.

    Another way of boosting the speed of gathering is through Investments. If you go to the Invest Center and click on Resources you will be able to boost your skills on particular types of resources a little at a time. This is very useful because the faster you can clear a tile the more resources (rss) you are bringing into the turf to spend.

    Leader Points can also be used for growing your resources speed. Whenever you level up your leader you are given xx points to do whatever you want with and there are three categories (battle, growth, support). As you get stronger you have the ability to set up different skills profiles to switch from event to event. Not only can you use the leader skill points to increase time it takes to clear a tile there are also skills such as a 100% gathering boost for 2 hours that you can unlock as well.

    Vigilante Tracy is yet another way to speed up your Gathering time. I will go much further into detail in this in a later post about vigilantes; however, it is certainly worth noting when you get Tracy to 2 stars she is able to provide a 50% boost in resource (rss) gathering when she is leading the crew. This does make it an active skill so she has to be a part of the ops team for you to get that boost yet it does come in handy.

    :exclamation_mark: Importance of Clearing or Cleaning Tiles :exclamation_mark:

    This next section is Extremely important and I know some of you are tired of hearing us talk about this; however, it does require mention. We harp often on people cleaning up their resource (rss) tiles and how important it is for us and I am not sure if everyone understand why it is so important.

    There are really two reasons that I will review on how not clearing tiles hurts the clan. The first one is the fact that tiles do not regenerate and will stay on the map until there is either a reset [once every eight (8) hours] or someone cleans them up. This means if we have a bunch of tiles with only have partial amounts they will sit on the map. More tiles will not refresh until those tiles are gone and this makes it tougher when you need to find specific types of resources. Upgrades get very expensive the higher your level is and you will find we all need the same types of resources making it so we are almost having to fight to get that resource…. You may notice arms & metal have been tougher to come by as of late as we all need it to grow.

    The second reason this problem is, if we only have partial tiles left and you are going to sleep your crews will come back much sooner. I suggest prior to signing off or going to bed you send all crews out to tiles (except during a KE). If we only have partial tiles to go after the crews are coming home faster and we are not maximizing our potential. This also goes for during the day as we cannot all be on twenty-four/seven (24/7) to keep sending our crews out to gather. This is also what makes the Level 7 tiles attractive as they have more rss and take longer to gather so you maximize your time and effort.

    How to Know If You can Clear a Tile

    I thought I would break down how to tell if you have enough crews to gather a full tile or not. When you first click on a tile to gather and start to select the crew you are sending out you will see a picture that looks similar to the following. For this example I am using a Level 6 Cargo tile so we know from above that it can yield a total of 288,000 cargo.

    ***Please see the red circles around the total resource (rss) this crew can gather and the total crew size.

    If you look in the bottom row you will see the amount of crew that you are sending, the amount of crew you can send, and the amount of resources (rss) the specific set up can gather. If the amount is not at least the total of what is on the tile you are going to be leaving a partial tile. This next picture will show what you would see with a partial crew going to that same Level 6 Cargo Tile.

    ***Please see how a smaller crew will leave resources (rss) on the map because the crew is not big enough for the full tile.

    So if I was not around to clean this tile up it would sit there with 139,704 cargo on it until I or someone else comes to get rid of it. All that time it sits there another cargo will not populate and it will stay there.

    If you notice when I am in the gathering screen my Priority is to Load because I am trying to collect and load all the rss I can into my trucks. This can be changed to prioritize based on what is required whether it is your highest level crew, your vehicles, or the most crew you can handle.


    I hope this guide was also helpful for you and maybe taught you a thing or two. Gathering and Resources are key to the success of the clan so we want to ask everyone to please clean up your tiles. I do have a request that I am asking everyone in the clan. If you cannot complete a Level 6 tile with the crew available please do not get on a Level 7. This just takes resources (rss) away from those who do have the ability to take a full tile and can benefit from clearing that tile. We are all adults and all here for fun and I know this is a great group of people; I would just ask that you try to be respectful of everyone and mindful of others when you are gathering.

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