City Migration

  • When you are planning to leave your actual city and move / migrate to another city:

    Moving into another city is only possible, during the City Migration Event is active! (Description of event: Description)

    After the event starts there are packs available in the shop. You need to buy travel-passes to be able to move.

    Available packs in shop:

    The packs are availabe when the event starts with phase 1. Limitation are per day and reset at 0 GMT daily. So if you plan to move, you should start buying packs right in time!

    Prices Included Passes / Package
    $ 4.99 1 Travel Pass 1 / Day
    $ 19.99 2 Travel Passes
    1 / Day
    $ 49.99
    3 Travel Passes
    1 / Day
    $ 99.99
    5 Travel Passes

    How many travel passes you will need to be able to migrate to your new city is depending on the rank you will get in the new city. Meant is ranking of power.

    The lower your new ranking in the new city will be, the less packs you will need.

    If you are planning to move you have different options:

    - See how many travel passes you need for your moving and buy them. Starting at the beginning of the event can safe you money.

    - Reduce your power by dissmissing troops / demolish buildings -> this will take you resources to rebuild after your move but safe $.

    - Reduce your power by get your troops injured and in hospital. There is trick: Fill your hospital and start healing them without speed up. They are "out" of hospital and your hospitals can get filled with new injured troops again.

    However, migration to a new city is expensive and should be planned well.

    You also should notice, that you can move only one time per event. You need to stay in your new city until next migration event starts!

    In case the migration becomes cheaper then you expected and already bought travel passes in the shop, you keep them in your invetory and you can use them in next migration event. You cant give them back or change into other things!

    It is not possible to donate travel passes. If you want to help someone else to migrate, the only way is, to send $ so that the other leader is able to buy more packs. Decide your own if this is a good way.

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