Vigilantes: A Basic Guide

  • Depending on how often you play the game and how familiar you are with everything you may or may not know about Vigilantes. More than likely you have at least heard others speaking about it or even better yet read the Godfather Quotes about the Vigilantes. This guide is going to walk you through some basics and will be followed up by a second article which will break down each vigilante and highlight what you may choose to do for upgrades.

    What is a Vigilante & How do I get to Them on my Turf?

    Look at a Vigilante as a leader of your Ops Crew. They help increase your power through upgrading their level and also carry various skills which we will review throughout this article. You start the game with the ability to have one (1) Vigilante man each Crew Ops Team you send out. This makes choosing the Vigilante to use very important.

    Vigilantes are located at the Family Club which can be found to the right of the mansion inside your turf. The Family Club sits right below the Hot Air Balloon and can be accessed by tabbing it once.

    How many are there and how do I get them?

    Currently there are 23 Vigilantes available in the game. You are able to start the game and get Catalina and Adriana for free and from time to time there will be a few others that you have been able to earn from different games/challenges such as Melvin and Kiko.

    For the must part you are required to purchase the vigilantes and to continue to star them up. Each Vigilante will cost $4.99 for the initial purchase which is typically 300, 400, or 450 fragments depending on the Vigilante. After the first purchase of the day on that specific Vigilante you are able to purchase another pack; however, this time it jumps to $19.99 for the same amount of fragments and only more gold and Experience points. This is why we recommend if you are going to purchase a pack only purchase the $4.99 pack. For the majority of the Vigilantes the pack pricing will reset, yet there are a few such as Suri or Ethan that do not reset so their price just continues to go up ($4.99, $19.99, $49.99, etc.). It is worth noting that the higher price does unlock the next star for that Vigilante when upgrading the ones that do not reset.

    Purchasing any Vigilantes is all by choice and you are not required to do so; however, many have some great features. We will start to review them and what stars they are worth upgrading to. Some of this will be determined by their role in your turf as you have some that are better for attack, some that are better for defense, and others that have other various skills when they lead or garrison.

    How are Vigilantes Measured & How Can I Grow Them?

    Vigilante Attributes

    There are two ways to measure a Vigilante’s strength and contributions to your turf.


    Stats will tell you the level of the Vigilante and will include their different attributes including Attack, Defense, Command, and Speed. These Stats will give you the Level of the Vigilante.

    There are two ways to increase the level of the Vigilante. The first is to battle Mercenaries which will give you Vigilante Experience Points which can be used to increase any of the Vigilantes you own. The second way to increase the Vigilante level is to purchase a pack with the Vigilante fragments. In the pack you will be given 1-50k Experience, 5-20k Experience, 10-5k Experience, and 100-500 Experience. The higher the level the stronger the Vigilante. Each Vigilante also has the upgrade-able skills which require your Vigilante to reach level 30. Then you are able to use Vigilante fragments to increase some of the skills. We will look at this later as well.

    Star Up

    The second measure of a Vigilante’s strength is the number of stars that Vigilante has had upgraded. Each Vigilante has the ability to upgrade to 5 Stars and as mentioned above you can also upgrade some of their skills to enhance beyond. The way to star up is by collecting Vigilante fragments. For the most part these can only be gained by purchase; however, there are times where Mafia City developers offer challenges or mini games where you can earn fragments such as the Women’s Day Event.

    Type of Skills

    There are two types of skills the Vigilantes offer:

    • Passive
    • Active

    Passive skills are skills bonuses you receive regardless of whether or not you are using that vigilante. These are permanent increases to your power on specific characteristics

    For example Nick’s number 1 star Increases Bulker Health by 5%.

    As you can see it is passive because it doesn’t matter if you are using Nick or not for that 5% buff to help you.

    Active Skills are skills requiring you to use the vigilante to use the skill.

    For example Nick’s number 2 star: Increases Bulker Attack by 20%, When Lead by Vigilante or When Vigilante is Garrisoned

    As you can see it is active because you must be using Nick to be able to use the skill and have the stat boost.

    Due to these two types of skills picking the vigilante is very important and what you use them for is also just as important.

    What do Vigilantes do and How Many can I Use?

    There are two (2) roles the Vigilante will serve. The first is they can Garrison your wall which means they are able to provide additional support to your troops and defensive weapons on your turf. As we saw with the example above, if you use Nick on the Wall and have him to 2 Stars he will increase the Bulker Attack by 20%.

    The second role of a Vigilante is to be out with your Ops Crew and assisting with other tasks. For example, if you have Tracy to 2 Stars you will enjoy an Increase in Resource Gathering Speed by 50% on all resources besides gold when Tracy is leading the Ops Crew.

    To start the game you are allowed one (1) Vigilante to Garrison the wall and one (1) Vigilante to lead each Ops Crew you have. You have the ability to choose which one you would like to use and they typically will select the best suited for the task in some cases.

    If you would like you do have the ability to increase the Wall Garrison to two (2) Vigilantes and also to add the ability to have two (2) Vigilantes on each Ops Crew. This is accomplished by making investments through the Invest Center. Once you are in the Invest Center you will click on the Vigilante icon which is the second one down on the left side. Inside you will see there are seven (7) categories of investment skills. You will have to start the investments on the first skills to get to Reinforced Wall Garrison to have the ability to have a second Vigilante on the wall defending your turf. You will have to invest in each skill inside the Vigilante Investments to get to Ops Strengthening which will allow you to have a second Vigilante on each Ops Crew.

    What are the Different Levels of Vigilantes?

    As with everything in this game the Vigilantes are based on colors as well. With Vigilantes there are only three different colors and these will give some basic insight into what will be the focus of that specific Vigilante.

    Colors or Levels of Vigilantes

    Blue: Currently there are three (3) Blue Vigilantes and their skills do not have anything to do with Attacking or Defending Turfs and do not offer Attack or Defend Passive Skills. Their skills are more related to growth such as increasing load capacity (Charles), boost Hospital Capacity (Adriana), and helping when fighting Street Forces & Mercenaries (Catalina).

    Purple: Currently there are fifteen (15) Purple Vigilantes and their skills are directly related to Active and Passive Skills for Attacking Enemies’ turf and Defending your turf. Their Skills will help with Attack/Defend Bonuses, Health Bonuses, and others such as growth bonuses. We will go into much more detail following this article.

    Gold: Currently there are are five (5) Gold Vigilantes and their skills are also directly related to Active and Passive Skills for Attacking Enemies’ turf and Defending your turf. They all offer one similar trait as well; each Gold Vigilante offer an Active Skill of Increasing Ops Crew Capacity.


    So I apologize this article is somewhat long; however, I have just barely started to go into all of the information on Vigilantes. There is so much to them and they offer some great bonuses. I am already working on a specific breakdown for each Vigilante and recommendations on which ones you want to grow and which Vigilantes are worth stopping. This will change depending on how you have set up your account and what Vigilantes you own.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask either in the Clan Chat or in a Private Message. This is all done to benefit the clan so please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or if you want me to review something specific. At the moment I am just guessing what people may be interested in and it will be best if I write about what you want to know about so I encourage you to reach out.

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