Vigilantes: A Further Breakdown

  • So I bet you are tired of reading about Vigilantes at this point but I thought one more article was necessary. This article is going to take what we learned in the Basics & In-Depth Looks and put that into how this helps you. I have created a chart that shows a quick breakdown of all the Vigilantes.Vigilantes Active & Passive Skill Breakdown

    As I have written previously there are two types of Skills the Vigilantes possess.

    Active: The Vigilante must be used to activate this skill

    Passive: The Vigilante does not need to be used to activate this skill

    This breakdown shows the Name, Color, Active and Passive Skills for each Vigilante. The main thing to get out of this chart is reviewing which Vigilantes have the highest number of Active Skills. These will require them to either Lead your Troops or Garrison your wall to get the best out of them.

    Name Color Active Passive
    Catalina Blue 4 1
    Adriana Blue 0 5
    Charles Blue 3 2
    Angie Lee
    Purple 1 4
    Izumi Purple 2 3
    Albert Purple 1 4
    Kiko Purple 1 4
    Caesar Purple 2 3
    Marcus Purple 3 2
    Tracy Purple 3 2
    Bruce Ip
    Purple 3 2
    Suri Purple 1 4
    Melvin Purple 0 5
    Frankie Purple 1 4
    Holly Purple 1 4
    Paul Purple 2 3
    Andrew Purple 2 3
    Ethan Purple 2 3
    Firelord Gold 3 2
    Nick Gold 3 2
    Wendy Gold 2 3
    Don Ali
    Gold 3 2
    Gilbert Gold 3 2

    If you really start to look at the newer Purple Vigilantes you will see they mostly have Passive Skills. In some ways to me this makes them much more valuable because you will get the best out of them regardless of whether or not they lead.

    Recommendations & Understanding the Vigilantes

    This next chart is going to take the information we learned about each vigilante and put it in a much more readable chart. Then we can start taking a look at some recommendations I would make for the different Vigilantes. I just want to make sure it is clear that you are by no means required to purchase any Vigilantes and you may find you view other Vigilantes different than I do. This is all my personal opinion after looking at everything.

    The goal is to understand what the major strength of the particular Vigilante is, what their Upgrade-able Skill(s) are, and recommended level to stop unlocking Skills.

    Name Level to stop
    Good for
    Catalina 1* Attacking SF
    SF / Merc Ops Attack
    Adriana 5* Build & Hospital
    Instant Build / Hospital Capacity
    Charles 1* Ressource Battles
    Single Crew Training
    Angie Lee
    4* / 5*
    Raid & Ops
    Ops Speed / Raid Capacity
    Izumi 5* Attack Reduce Damage by Biker
    Albert 5* Garrison Bulker Defense
    Kiko 4* Overall Shooter / Vehicle Health
    Caesar 5* Great Garrison
    Attacking Enemy Turf
    Marcus 5* if you buy
    Overall Ops Capacity
    Tracy 3* / 5*
    Gathering Invest & Vehicle Attack
    Bruce Ip
    4* / 5*
    Bulker Bulker Health / Attack
    Suri 2* Growth Bulker Defense
    Melvin 4* / 5*
    Raid Defensive Damage by Bulker
    Frankie 5* Defense Reduce Damage by Bulker
    Holly 5* Defense Attack during Ressource Battle
    Paul 0 Biker Biker Health / Attack
    Andrew 0 Vehicle Vehicle Health / Attack
    Ethan 0 Shooter Shooter Health / Attack
    Firelord 2* / 5*
    Bulker Crew Attack
    Nick 1* / 5*
    Bulker Ops Capacity
    Wendy 3* / 5*
    Overall Bulker / Biker Damage
    Don Ali
    2* / 5*
    Defense Crew Attack
    Gilbert 2* / 5*
    Attack / Defense

    So I hope the chart isn’t too confusing and yes I know there are three Vigilantes where I suggest not Upgrading at all and I will review why in a few moments.

    You will see some Vigilantes have 2 levels listed such as Firelord to either 2-Star or 5-Star and Angie Lee to either 4-Star or 5-Star and you may be asking why I did it this way. The reason I gave a few choices is it will all depend on the usage you need. If you are not leading raids for the clan it makes no sense to upgrade Angie Lee to 5-Star because the extra capacity doesn’t help you. I would rather see you put the money into other Vigilantes that can give you an immediate boost.

    Blue Vigilantes

    When it comes to the Blue Vigilantes I would recommend only getting Catalina & Charles to 1 Star and only focusing on Adriana. Here fragments can be earned or purchased for Gold and she offers the best Skills out of the three. I would recommend getting her to 5 Star so you are able to get that extra Hospital Capacity. Trust me this comes in handy and helps you from losing your crews.

    Purple Vigilantes

    Angie Lee

    If you cannot tell I am a big fan of Angie Lee for several reasons including the fact that she is diverse in her Skills. She will affect Vehicle, Biker, and Bulker to help your troops, offers Ops Speed which helps when doing Challenges, and for me the extra raid capacity means more of you can join me.


    If you plan to Attack, I would definitely recommend getting Izumi to 5 Star as she gives you some nice boosts. Her Skills focus on shooter and Biker and her 4 Star will give you a boost to your Leader’s Gun Attributes which you cannot complain about.


    Albert has recently made me realize he would be a pretty good Garrison, especially once you get him to 5 Stars. Focusing on Health, Attack, and Defense he also has a nice De-Buff to hurt your enemies attack forces. In addition, his 4 Star will boost your Leader’s Weapon Attributes.


    Kiko is a nice overall Vigilante and I will most likely get her to at least 4 Star to get the boost to my Leader’s Accessory Attributes. If you are not planning on attacking you can skip Kiko because all of her Skill revolve around Attack, Damage, or Health.


    Caesar is a beast when it comes to protecting your turf and he will most likely be one of my Garrisons as well. Three of his Skills are focused on Defense including his 5 Star which gives your enemy a -20% de-buff on Bikers. His 4 Star will boost your Leader’s Pants Equipment as well so I am a big fan of Caesar.


    Marcus isn’t a bad Vigilante but he is also not my favorite Vigilante. I feel if you are going to get him be prepared to boost him all the way up to 5 Star so you can get the Increase in Ops Capacity which is Upgrade-able. If you are limited on Vigilantes to Garrison the Wall he does make a good choice as his 2 – 4 Stars focus on Defense and Health.


    Personally I am a big fan of Tracy because I feel like she offers a nice balance of Skills. Her first Skills are more focused on Growth with Instant Building Time and Resource Gathering Speed Ups and her last two Skills are focused on your troops. If you are not going to use her for battles I would stop at 3 Star; however, if you will or just want to boost your Attack Skills I would recommend going to 5 Star to get her Passive 15% Shooter Attack.

    Bruce Ip

    I am not sure exactly what I will do with Bruce Ip at the moment. Bruce Ip is a Vigilante focused on the Bulker and all aspects of the Bulker. If you are truly trying to boost your attack, defense, and health it is worth getting him to 5 Star. If you are not as concerned with this, then I would say do not worry about him.


    Suri really should have been labeled as a Blue Vigilante instead of a Purple Vigilante. Her Skills are more focused on Growth than Fighting like the other Purple Vigilantes. Due to her Skills I would recommend if you purchase her stopping after 2 Star. With all the speed-ups the game has to offer I do not see the Instant Time being worth the money you will spend to get her to 5 Star.


    Melvin is a decent overall Vigilante and he can offer you a nice mix of Skills. From Gathering to Raiding he has a little of everything. However, again, if you are not one of the few who sets Raids for the clan I would recommend stopping at 4 Star at the highest if not earlier.


    These new Vigilantes seem to have much better overall Skills and Frankie is a perfect example. Frankie has several Defensive Skills and will offer you an Increase to Leader’s Clothes Equipment if you get him to 4 Star. I would recommend if you are to purchase him to get him all the way to 5 Star to bring your enemies Bulker Defense down. This is great if you are attacking.


    I am putting Holly in the same boat as Frankie and saying if you purchase her you will want to get her to 5 Star. Her Skills will help defend you as well as weaken your enemies defense with her 5 Star de-buff. Her Equipment boost will be for your Leader’s Shoes.

    Paul, Andrew, and Ethan

    I put these boys together because they all are just focused on one camp so I figured I can wrap them up together. If you haven’t invested in them yet I wouldn’t bother. These are some of the original Vigilantes and their Skills will not match the newer Vigilantes. If you want to have them all just to have them then feel free; however, I can tell you I will not be purchasing any of them.

    Gold Vigilantes


    If you are going to be using Firelord as a main Vigilante then he is worth considering getting up to 5 Star. He has a nice Upgrade-able Crew Attack Skill as his 5 Star. If you are not using him as your main Vigilante, stop after 2 Stars as Stars 3 – 5 are Active Skills.


    Nick is a nice Gold Vigilante and has some nice skills. I would say have him Garrison your wall until you get him to 5 Star then get the Upgrade-able Ops Capacity up to the max to really give your crew some depth. I have nothing bad to really say about Nick, except, I wish he had a better 3 Star because many do not do the challenges his stamina increase help with.


    Wendy is another Vigilante I am a big fan of as a whole. Her Skills give small boosts to helping with Attacks & Defense; however, as a Gold Vigilante she gives you a nice 10,000 Ops Capacity Increase. This boost with one of the other Gold Vigilantes really stacks your squad. I would recommend either stopping at her 3 Star or taking her all the way to 5 Star if she is not a Garrison for your Wall.

    Don Ali

    How can you not like Don Ali? He is another great Garrison as most of his Skills are about Attack, Health, and Defense. His 4 Star will boost your Ops Capacity another 10,000 as well. Depending on if Don Ali will be leading a crew or not I would either stop after 2 Star or take him all the way to 5 Star.


    Saving best for last you could say. Gilbert is the newest of the Gold Vigilantes and he is focused on helping your Attack & your Defense. He is another Vigilante I would recommend either stopping after 2 Stars or continuing to 5 Stars to unlock his de-buff for Crew Defense.


    I hope these charts and this breakdown helps you a little more in deciding which Vigilantes will do you best. Please feel free to let me know if you have additional questions; however, this should help you decide who you want on your team and how far you want to take them. As always thank you for taking the time to read.

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