Understanding Gems

  • So this is going to be one of the first of many tutorials to help our clan become the best clan in city #313. One of the ways to grow your turf and strengthen the leader is to create equipment; however, to do that you need to make and build your Gems. This tutorial is going to go over some of the basics on gems and review their value. Some of this is going to be very basic; however, I want this information to help everyone who is new to Mafia City TOH and those whom are veterans.

    How to Make Gems

    First thing you have to do to be able to make equipment is have gems. Gems can be made through the Lapidary Complex. There are six (6) different color gems that can be used to make equipment.

    • Grey
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Orange
    • Gold

    The game will allow you to make the first two (2) color gems so that means you can make either Grey Gems or Green Gems. For the ability to make Green Gems you will need to get the second babe (Mia Hanano) to 300 points. Grey Gems take approximately 2 hours to create and Green Gems take approximately 5 hours to create.

    Synthesizing Your Gems

    As I mentioned you are only able to create Grey & Green gems so you may be asking how do you get to the higher levels. It takes 4 gems of a specific color to synthesize to the next level gem. So four (4) Grey Gems will make one (1) Green Gem. Just like four (4) Green Gems will make one (1) Blue Gem. This means you have many choices when trying to create Gems of various colors.

    Different Focus on Different Gems

    Just like the different color gems have different strengths the different type of gems have their own focus as well. Please view below to see what each type of gems helps to build.

    Diamond: Improves the construction speed

    Amethyst: Improves the investing speed

    Garnet: Increases Cash production

    Sapphire: Increases Crew Load

    Olivine: Increases Defense Weapon’s Attack

    Ruby: Increases Bulker Attack

    Emerald: Increases Vehicle Attack

    Opal: Increases Shooter Attack

    Jade: Increases Vehicle Attack

    Tourmaline: Increase Crime Ops speed

    Pearl: Increases Medic Center Capacity

    Chrysoberyl: Increases Healing speed

    With this information we can then understand what gems will be needed for different equipment. The gems required to make a piece of equipment are based on the skills the specific equipment offers the leader. To determine what gems are required for a specific piece of equipment you will want to visit the Pawn Broker located inside your turf.

    Ways to Get Gems

    There are several ways to gain gems in Mafia City beyond just making them in the Lapidary Complex. We are going to review some of these ways as some of the higher equipment does take several gems stones to achieve. Once we review equipment I will go into much further detail; however, for now I just want to show how to find Gems.

    Lapidary Complex

    As we have discussed you can make either Grey or Green Gems at the Lapidary Complex; however, you can only make one (1) at a time so it can be time consuming if you are working on equipment.


    The Smuggler is another way for you to use gold to get Gem Stone boxes. The boxes are broken up by 3 categories:

    • Common: This offers Gems of Level 1 or Level 2 and has a green background
    • Quality: This offers Gems of Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 and has a blue background
    • Rare: This offers Gems of Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4 and has a purple background

    The best deal the smuggler offers is 5 Rare (Purple) Gem boxes and will cost you 2,500 gold versus the typical 5,000 gold.


    The plantation is another free way of getting Gem Boxes as you are able to turn in your points for gem boxes. They only offer Common Gem Boxes; however, as we know we can synthesize or upgrade those for higher level boxes. You are able to purchase 20 Common Gem Boxes per day at the Plantation and they cost 250 points each box.


    Certain Challenges are great for Gems and Gem Boxes. One of the biggest events for Gems is the night clubs. This is a great opportunity to stock up.

    Individual Event

    Every 2 hours there is an individual event which can be located in the Event Center under the Permanent Event Tab. These events focus on different tasks from training crews, property investing, plantation purchases, upgrading/building, etc. You are able to collect different Gem Boxes based on your success in level 1, level 2, and level 3 completion and also in overall score.

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