Mercenaries, Blueprints, and Rare Gems

  • There has been some questions come up recently about the blueprints and the equipment sets and vigilante equipment sets so I thought I would delve into this for everyone. Currently there are four (4) different Mercenaries available to attack in the game. Two (2) are used to collect equipment sets and two (2) are used to collect vigilante equipment sets.

    Mercenaries for Regular Equipment Blueprints & Gems

    • Shredder
    • The Ghost

    Mercenaries for Vigilante Equipment Blueprints & Gems

    • Venom
    • White Shark

    Each Vigilante has four (4) different levels you can attack and these levels are unlocked by visiting the Investment Center and clicking on Mercenary. At first I wouldn’t focus on unlocking all of the levels of the Mercenaries and I would recommend focusing on turf defense and crew capabilities when growing your turf.

    Rewards for Defeating Mercenaries

    Whenever you hit a mercenary you are able to collect many different rewards which makes the additional energy it takes to hit them worth it. Regular Street Forces cost 5 energy to attack and it is a one time hit; you either beat the Street Force or you are defeated by them. Mercenaries cost you 10 energy every attack and you can hit them several times to take them down to 0%.

    The typical rewards for Mercenaries include:

    • Cargo
    • Cash
    • Red Wine
    • VIP Points
    • Leader Experience Points
    • Speed Ups
    • Advanced Chips
    • Vigilante Experience
    • Blueprint Fragments

    While all these are important to your growth I want to take some time to review the last one on the list.

    Sets & Vigilante Sets

    As you know there are six (6) different types of equipment available in the game and we reviewed this briefly in Equipment Basics. The game has the basic equipment you can earn by synthesizing gems and using checks; however, there is another type of equipment in the game as well. This is called Set Equipment and can be found in the Pawnbroker. There are eight (8) different types of set equipment ranging from Level 20 Equipment to Level 45 Equipment.

    Set Equipment

    This equipment is stronger than regular equipment and when you have multiple pieces of equipment owned there are additional buffs. For example if you own 2 pieces of equipment from the Kingpin Set you will have a 28% Resource Production boost, 4 pieces and you will have a 25% Investment Speedup, and if you own all 6 pieces you will have a 25% Crew Training Speed in addition to the boosts/buffs the equipment itself offers.

    Vigilante Equipment

    In addition to the equipment for your Leader you can also work on gaining equipment for the Vigilantes as well. For the Vigilante Sets there are only 6 sets of equipment available and they range from Level 10 to Level 25 Equipment Sets. The Vigilante Set Equipment is a nice way to Buff a Vigilante beyond the 5 stars you can unlock for each one.

    I will go into more detail on each topic specifically so you can learn more about the Equipment and want this to be more of an introduction.

    Finding Sets & Vigilante Sets

    First thing you want to do to find out where you can view the Sets & Vigilante Sets. To do this you need to go to the Pawnbroker. See below to find the entrance to the Pawnbroker.

    Click where it says Exchange and you will enter to see Three Columns:

    • Equipment
    • Sets
    • Vigilante Sets

    The First Column is going to be the Regular Equipment you can synthesize throughout the game. The Second Column is going to be the Set Equipment which replaces the Regular Equipment. The Third Column is going to be the Vigilante Set Equipment which is used to enhance the Vigilante leading the Ops Crew.

    Requirements for Set & Vigilante Set Equipment

    There are two requirements for all Set and Vigilante Set Equipment and you have the choice of either earning it through attacking mercenaries and collecting Clan Kickback or by purchasing packs. We are going to review the basics here and can go into more detail in follow-up articles.

    Blueprints & Blueprint Fragments

    When you defeat Mercenaries they give you blueprint fragments which can be synthesized to make the Equipment Sets. I will warn you this is a laborious process and takes a long time but the buffs are well worth the time spent (especially if you do not like spending money on the game). Each blueprint takes 100 blueprint fragments of the specific type (gun, weapon, accessory, shirt, pants, shoes) to synthesize. Once you have collected 100 fragments of that type you can click on it in your Items Menu and select Synthesize. You will see that the 100 fragments became 1 full blueprint. Now if you are trying to make Gold Equipment Sets you will need anywhere from 35 to 115 Blueprints of the specific type of equipment to guarantee you will reach gold. This is dependent on the type of equipment you are trying to make. For example, the Kingpin Gun will require 35 Gun Blueprints and the Massacre Gun will require 100 Gun Blueprints.

    Rare Gems

    The other item you will require to make the set equipment is Rare Gems. These can only be collected by defeating Mercenaries or through purchase. Some gems are only available through purchase at this point as well. There is no guarantee you will collect a gem on every Mercenary you hit; in fact I can guarantee you will not collect one on every hit. These are more sporadic but it is possible to collect them and I would highly recommend hitting them during Battle Carnival which is the Mercenary equivalent to Roadster Festive Day. During Battle Carnival you are able to earn 2 times the Blueprint fragments and Rare Gems.

    Regular Set Equipment

    Morganite: This Rare Gem is used for building the Kingpin Set Equipment. You can collect this Gem from hitting the Ghost Mercenaries.

    Topaz: This Rare Gem is used for building the Terrorizer Set Equipment. You can collect this Gem from hitting The Shredder Mercenaries.

    Vigilante Set Equipment

    Silver Ingot: This Rare Gem is used for building Street King Vigilante Set Equipment. You can collect this Gem from hitting the White Shark Mercenaries.

    Black Jade: This Rare Gem is used for building Developing Vigilante Set Equipment. You can collect this Gem from hitting the Venom Mercenaries.

    Currently there are only 4 sets of Equipment that can be unlocked for free. We will go into further detail about the Equipment Sets and how to make them all individually.

    Example of Kingpin Set & Street Kings Set (Vigilante)

    I am going to run through Set & Vigilante Set example to show you what you are looking at in detail.

    Kingpin Set

    The Kingpin Set is Level 20 Equipment and is the lowest set of equipment in the different Sets. To access it you want to first go to the Pawnbroker and then click the middle tab Sets. If you scroll down to the bottom you will see Kingpin Set.

    Once you are inside the Kingpin set you will see 6 different pieces of Equipment just like the regular Equipment.

    If you look in the first section it shows you the buffs you get for having sets of 2, 4, or all 6 pieces of equipment in the set. For this example I will use the Kingpin Assault Rifle.

    When you click on it you will see the requirements:

    As you can see I currently have 7 of the required 35 Gun Blueprints if I wanted to get this to Orange or Gold and I only have 29 of the 80 Morganite Gems needed to get this to Orange or Gold. I can certainly use less Blueprints, lower quality Gems, and less Rare Gems to make lower quality Equipment; however, it will make for more work to synthesize to increase this to Gold down the line.

    Street Kings Vigilante Set

    The Street Kings Set (Vigilante) is a Level 10 Set of Equipment and is the lowest level Vigilante Equipment you can make. You will follow the same instructions as the Kingpin Set; however, for this one you are working on the third column which is the Vigilante Set. Let’s take a quick look at what this looks like:

    As you can see this set also has additional buffs for owning 2, 4, or 6 pieces of equipment.

    For this example I am going to show you the Street King’s Pistol. This is the Gun Equivalent of the Regular or Set Equipment for Vigilantes. The buffs you get for this is the Vigilante will offer Cargo Gathering Speed & Shooter Attack When Leading Ops. This is very important to note because the Vigilante Sets have both Active & Passive Skills. For example this has a Passive Skill for Cargo Gathering Speed which means it doesn’t matter if the Vigilante is leading or not; however, the Shooter Attack requires the Vigilante to Lead the Ops Crew to use the buff.

    As you can see here I do not have the required Gems to make this so my Quality Probability is at 0%. If I were to change the color to Grey – Purple I could possibly make a grey piece; however, I would not waste the Blueprints or Rare Gems for this right now.


    Hitting Mercenaries is a great way to earn some massive rewards. If you are trying to grow your Leader Level, Strengthen your Vigilante, or collect needed parts for Set Equipment I highly recommend hitting as many Mercenaries as possible. Remember you want to go after Shredder & Ghost for regular Equipment and Venom & White Shark for Vigilante Equipment. I am going to breakdown how to find the sets, which ones you can work on, and how to make the Equipment in subsequent articles.

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