• This article is going to focus on the Roadster which is one of the items that may be overlooked on importance. I am going to take you through the basics and then discuss how you can earn points for the Roadster so you can upgrade yours as well. First thing we need to do is figure out what the Roadster is and how it helps us.

    What is the Roadster?

    The Roadster is a vehicle or several vehicles you can choose to select from the Garage that will allow you some additional boosts to assist with different tasks. Some roadsters are focused on gathering boosts, others on attack & defense, and some will have to do with boosting your training speed. Just like with Equipment and the Godfather Equipment (We will discuss this at a later date), the higher the Roadster the more boosts it offers and along with higher percentage boosts. If you look below this is where you can access the High End Auto Parts and the Roadsters.

    I am going to talk about the Roadster in terms of color like we do with regular equipment. Unlike regular equipment the Roadster comes in four (4) colors: Blue, Purple, Orange, and Gold. The Roadster is available after you reach Mansion Level 14 and this is when you can start using your Roadster Points you have accumulated to start to boost your stats.

    The way the Roadster program works is by using Roadster Points (Normal or Silver) to purchase parts or components for the vehicles. This allows you to be very strategic because many of the parts can be used in several vehicles which means if you unlock three (3) parts and those parts work in four (4) vehicles you will now be able to select any of those vehicles.

    How to Earn Roadster Points?

    The only way you can purchase Roadster Parts is by using Roadster Points to trade for the parts. It takes 100 Normal Roadster Points to make 1 Silver Roadster Point and it takes 100 Silver Roadster Points to make 1 Golden Roadster Point. The only way to get Golden Roadster Points that I have seen is through the automatic upgrade once you hit 100 Points. These can be gained through several methods and we are going to review these quickly.

    • Street Forces & Mercenaries: Fighting the Street Forces and Mercenaries can be a great source of Normal Roadster Points.
    • Clan Challenges: From time to time there will be specific challenges that will offer Roadster Points for completion such as the recent one we did with the pubs. If you got to the higher clan levels you could earn Roadster Silver Points.
    • 3v3 Tournament: The 3v3 Tourney allows you and 2 others from the city to join against other teams in a simulation fight. None of your troops are killed or wounded and you can earn some great rewards by participating. I believe I earned 6 or 8 Silver Roadster Points alone from the last 3v3 tournament.
    • Purchasing a Pack: They do offer you to purchase a $99.99 pack to earn Roadster Points or you are able to do the daily 0.99 cent Lottery to try to get some Roadster Points.
    • Limited Lottery Event: There is that event where you can earn 1 limited lottery spin for getting to 340 points in Daily Contract as well as an additional spin for every $4.99 that you spend during that time frame.
    • Festive Roadster Day: This is an extension of Street Forces and I will review separately.

    High End Auto Parts Shop

    You can either purchase the specific parts you need from the High End Auto Parts Shop or directly from the Roadster Club. It all depends on whether you know what parts you need for your dream Roadster or not. The nice part about the game is you are always able to sell or “dismantle” your parts if you no longer need them to get some of your Roadster Points back when you won’t use the Roadster again. Below you will find a picture of what the High End Auto Parts Shop looks like if you have never visited it.

    As you can see it does allow you to see which parts are actively being used on the Roadster you are equipped with at that moment. This will also show you all the parts you currently own if you are on the Sell Tab and all the Parts that are offered if you are on the Buy Tab.

    How Do the Roadsters Help Me?

    I thought we would take a look at one of the higher Roadsters so you can see the potential of boosts available if you participate in upgrading your Roadsters. First I want you to take a look at the image below and then I will break it down.

    I want to start by drawing your attention to two specific highlights I have tried to do. The first is the current club points which is indicated by the white arrow with the red trim. This is what I currently have saved and available to use and unfortunately it does not look like I have many as I just purchased the RX-8 Motor which unlocked several Roadsters for my use.

    Under the current points you will see this Roadster (Death Hornet) requires you to own four (4) parts to be able to activate this Roadster. If I had all the points for one (1) part I would just need to click the plus button on that part and I can purchase that part. Below the Car Parts required for the Roadster you will see I drew a box around the Still Requires Club Points. This shows you how many more points you need to be able to purchase all of the components in that Roadster. So as we can see I do have a VERY long way to go to be able to use this Roadster.

    Reviewing the Boosts on Death Hornet

    As you can see Death Hornet is one of the higher Roadsters you can find and offers many boosts. This one is definitely a war Roadster and you would certainly only care about using it when you are during a Kill Event (KE).

    • All Crew’s Attack boost 18%
    • All Crew’s Defense boost 35%
    • Solo Offensive (Turf) Biker Attack boost 25%
    • Solo Offensive (Turf) Biker Defense boost 25%
    • Solo Offensive (Turf) Shooter Defense boost 25%
    • Biker (Charge) Damage boost 15%

    So if I am going to war this is the type of Roadster I want activated in my account.

    Common Roadster

    As the game is always working to make things easier for you they have offered the Common Roadster. This allows you to favorite the Roadsters you will use the most so you do not have to scroll through all of the categories available because when you visit you will see there are eight (8) different categories of Roadsters available to choose from.

    Upgrading the VIP and SVIP can unlock certain features to help as well. For example once you hit VIP9 you have the ability to Activate the Roadster Buy All feature which you can see above in the Death Hornet picture. This allows you to purchase all the items at one time if you have the points for them. At SVIP3 you earn the ability to switch the Common Roadster from the Leader page without having to go to the Roadster Club to switch vehicle.

    Currently I have a few Common Roadsters and have one that focuses on growth (Tidal Wave) which will give me a boost on Resource Production, Gathering Speed, and several boosts on Crew Training. This is going to be the main Roadster I use for most days unless we are focused on Killing. I also have Blue Devil for Street Forces Events because the boosts include attacking street force’s energy consumption, street forces rewards, and attack boosts for street forces. These will come in handy on both Street Forces Events as well as on Festive Roadster Days. Which leads me into the last topic on Roadsters.

    Festive Roadster Day

    Roughly once every other week there is a 24 hour Permanent Event called Festive Roadster. This is a great opportunity to really boost the Roadster Points and you should truly focus on killing Street Forces this day. This is because on Festive Roadster Day the Points you receive are doubled so if a Street Force would typically give you +1 Roadster Points it will now offer you +2 Roadster Points. Typically the Street Forces are either +1 or +2 when they do give you Roadster Points which means you can potentially earn +4 Roadster Points on some Street Forces. That will allow you to increase in a hurry.

    We will always make an announcement when the Festive Roadster Day is here and I do suggest you participate as much as possible. This does not mean you will guarantee to get a Roadster Point on every Street Forces you hit but you will maximize your results on the ones you do hit.


    Well this was a long article to review; however, I want to make sure I share as much of the knowledge as I can with you to help you not only grow but enjoy every aspect of the game. There are so many parts that will make the experience better and I hope these tutorials and explanations are worth the time you took to read them. I am always open for any questions just like everyone else in the Clan so if you ever need anything please ask. The only way we can help you is by knowing where you need assistance. This article hopefully shows you how important the Roadster vehicles can be to your turf and how much they can eventually help you grow.

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