AMX 50 B

  • Now that you're at the end of the (autoloading) French heavy tank line, the AMX 50 B awaits. This tank continues the legacy of the previous vehicles. The gameplay is similar to those of the AMX 50 100 and the AMX 50 120, but with better characteristics. It also has a little ace up its sleeve; use it at your own risk!


    Let's start off with the armour layout of this top-tier French tank. If you thought that it has no armour, just like the previous tanks, you're completely right! Well, mostly. The frontal armour is nicely sloped and much more durable than many expect. If you know what you're doing, try baiting the enemy into shooting there – the chance of bouncing a shot is fairly high. It's difficult to pull off though. Note, however, that the sides are weaker than the previous vehicle's, and HE will penetrate them with ease.

    In terms of mobility, it's got a slightly better acceleration and the top speed stays the same; it's good enough as it is. Keeping up with medium tanks or escaping from other heavy tanks when things go south shouldn't be problem for you.

    The AMX 50 B has the same gun as its predecessor: the 120 mm SA46. However, on the Tier X vehicle, the gun has a much better performance. This includes higher accuracy, shorter reload and better aiming time. The gun depression angle is slightly higher as well, making it easier for you to peek over ridges and dish out the damage.

    This French heavy tank requires an opportunistic playstyle. Check the minimap frequently for lone targets you can take out. Don't be greedy: it's better to reload the entire magazine than forcibly trying to fire all four shells and take too much damage in return. Before engaging, make sure to have an escape route; you better get out of there once your magazine is empty.


    ventilation.png vertical_stabilizer.png enhanced_gun_laying_drive.png

    To improve the gun's reliability, we advise you to take the equipment shown above. It will improve the aiming time as well as the gun stabilisation. Improved Ventilation will give a bonus to a variety of parameters, especially gun performance.

    Keep in mind that tanks with a conventional autoloader cannot mount a Tank Gun Rammer.

    Crew Skills

    COMMANDER sixth_sense.png repair.png brothers_in_arms.png
    GUNNER repair.png snap_shot.png brothers_in_arms.png
    DRIVER repair.png smooth_ride.png brothers_in_arms.png
    RADIO repair.png safe_stowage.png brothers_in_arms.png

    As mobility is one of the key characteristics of the AMX 50 B, it's crucial that you keep your tracks intact. Teach your crew the Repair skill. The ones after will reduce the dispersion further, and Brothers in Arms gives a bonus similar to the Improved Ventilation equipment. These crew skills apply for all autoloading French heavy tanks.

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