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  • L4K3D3V1L

    Added the version #06 of the file Aslain WoT-ModPack.
    File Version
    v1.12.1.1 #06 (14-05-2021):
    - compatibility with recent micropatch!
    - updated XVM nightly [8.7.9_11]
    - updated NDO anti-mirror for non-xvm contour icons
    - updated Change client language
    - updated YasenKrasen Text extension

    v1.12.1.1 #05 (08-05-2021):
    - updated…
  • L4K3D3V1L

    Posted the thread City Migration.
    When you are planning to leave your actual city and move / migrate to another city:

    Moving into another city is only possible, during the City Migration Event is active! (Description of event: Description)

    After the event starts there are packs available…
  • L4K3D3V1L

    Posted the thread City Migration Event.
    The migration event is a special event that enables players to move to different city from the one they currently in. However, this event is generally available to cities that have existed for coonisderable amount of time. The number of cities it will be…
  • L4K3D3V1L

    Posted the thread All About Gathering.
    This post is all about Gathering aka Robbing and the Importance of it inside the game as well as some useful information we need to discuss. So as you know there are four (4) types of resources (rss) you are able to get in the game and they are all…
  • L4K3D3V1L

    Posted the thread How to Build Equipment Sets.
    The question has come up a few times in my clan and I have seen the question in the search requests on this site so I thought I would try to break down how to build Set Equipment and also how to Synthesize Set Equipment. This should make it a little…
  • L4K3D3V1L

    Posted the thread Prices for Equipment Sets.
    Do you know about the Equipment Sets available to make and/or purchase to make? This is a great way to build your stats even higher using Blueprints and Rare Gems. We have touched a little on this; however, never went into real detail. I want to start…
  • L4K3D3V1L


    New Update Is Here (2021-04-29)

  • Thoress

    Joined the Clan [GoF] Good Fellas.
    Membership Admission (Clan)

    [GoF] Good Fellas #18

  • L4K3D3V1L

    Added the file Discord.
  • L4K3D3V1L

    Posted the thread Families: Overview.
    When your Mansion reach level 16 the family extension is opened.

    You have to choose 1 of 4 families. Each family provides different boosts, vigilantes and babes.
    The family can be switched, so its not a very big problem if you are not happy with your…

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